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Apache Kafka Services

Apache Kafka Services

Kafka is an open source software which provides a framework for storing, reading and analysing streaming data. Being open source means that it is essentially free to use and has a large network of users and developers who contribute towards updates, new features and offering support for new users.

It’s designed to make it easier for organizations to handle real-time data streams and event processing without the hassle of managing the infrastructure themselves.

Our Managed Kafka solution is reliable with 99.999% uptime guaranteed, fault-tolerant, and ensures resilient message collection and processing, while allowing you to retain full authority over your data.

What Kafka as a Service Includes

Kafka as a Service typically includes a comprehensive set of features and capabilities to make it easier for organizations to use Apache Kafka without the need to manage the infrastructure themselves. Here’s a fictionalized description of what Kafka as a Service might include:

Kafka Support Includes:

Resident solution Architect

An extended support engagement with one or more kafka experts working with your tam for comprehensive advising on the design and implementation of Kafka.


Architecture Design Workshop

A two-day intensive with your team working side-by-side with a Kafka solution architect to design a real-time data and stream processing solution tailored for your use case.


Kafka Team Training

A one-day, instructor-led training on Kafka fundamentals and core concepts for up to 10 team members to achieve a foundational understanding of Kafka.


Tailored Engagements

Contact us to arrange a custom kafka consulting plan or resident Kafka support engagement.